Biodegradable Dog Waste Scooper | How it Works

How it Works

Fetch My Waste lets you clean up after your pup with ease. The uniquely designed waste scoop and the carrier is ready in seconds. Simply place your fingers inside the holes of the two handles and unfold Fetch My Waste into a claw-like pincher. Position Fetch My Waste over the dog’s waste and close around the waste for a sanitary pick-up on any surface. The locking tabs closure system locks the waste inside as you carry it to the nearest waste reciprocal.

Swift. Simple. Sanitary.

Making Dog Walks Fun Again

This unique waste scooper offers one of the most hygienic ways to pick up after your pup while on the go. Ideal for dog walks, Fetch My Waste slips unobtrusively into your pocket or purse. There’s no need to carry around a messy shovel, a clumsy-looking long-handled scoop, or a ubiquitous plastic bag. The scoop and carrier combination unfolds into an innovative, claw-like design. Essentially, the single-use scooper takes the “Yuck” out of handling a dog’s waste.

How to fold your container - step 1


Open Fetch My Waste slightly and insert two fingers into the hole in the handle.

How to fold your container - step 2


While keeping your two fingers in the hole, use your other hand to grasp and unfold the other handle.

How to fold your container - step 3


Insert your thumb into the round hole and hold Fetch My Waste in one hand.

How to fold your container - step 4


Open and close Fetch My Waste to create a pinching action.

How to fold your container - step 5


Close Fetch My Waste around the dog waste.

How to fold your container - step 6


Fold the handles together, secure the tabs, and dispose.