Ideal for walking the dog

Perfect for dog walks and travel, Fetch My Waste easily fits into a pocket or purse. Dog walkers will appreciate the innovative design that lets them scoop and carry with one hand while holding the dog’s leash with the other. The compact scoop is ideal for pick-ups on any surface.


Inspired by a dog lover

Inventor and dog lover Randy Belter had the ingenious idea to create Fetch My Waste while working at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, construction site.

A woman with a dog came out of a 6-story condo and went to the closest piece of grass. The dog did his business, and the woman tried three times to pick up the poop with a plastic bag. I could tell it wasn’t something she wanted to do, and months later, the idea for Fetch My Waste popped into my head,” Randy said. He played around with cardboard and tape before creating the durable, quick-unfold design.

Mess-free scoop & carry

Fetch My Waste transitions in seconds from your back pocket to an ingenious claw-like scoop. After taking care of business, the scoop transitions into a convenient carrier with sturdy handles and a locking tabs closure. The mess-free waste scooper is available in regular and large capacity sizes to clean up after dogs of any breed.

Environmentally friendly

Fetch My Waste is made in the U.S. and manufactured from recycled materials. Additionally, Fetch My Waste is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, unlike plastic bags. Plastic bags remain in landfills for decades before decomposing into small, toxic particles. Even biodegradable plastic bags are inferior to the 100% biodegradable advantage of Fetch My Waste.

Space-saving Packaging

Folded for convenient storage, Fetch My Waste takes up very little room on the closet shelf. Fetch My Waste is sold in boxes of 15 or 30 units; pet owners can buy in bulk to receive savings.

Hassle-free ordering

Bring enjoyment back to walking your dog by using the mess-free waste scoop and carrier, Fetch My Waste, ideal for dog walks and travel. Order Fetch My Waste today.

This product has a US patent number of 10,487,466