The grab-and-go Fetch My Waste scoop is perfect for a dog walk or backyard pick-up. The 6-inch, foldable box easily fits into a back pocket or purse. Sturdily constructed, Fetch My Waste quickly unfolds into a super-durable scoop that won’t break or tear. The claw-like design is ideal for pick-up on grass, sidewalks, or other surfaces.

XL Box 60 Count

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Made in the USA of earth friendly recycled materials, Fetch My Waste is a 100% biodegradable dog poop pick up box. The scoop & carrier combination is a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, which take decades to decompose. Fetch My Waste is an innovative waste scoop device that makes clean-up quick and easy. The sturdy, claw-like design provides a hygienic way to pick up after your pet. Our eco-friendly pet waste disposal is also great for cat owners looking for an green poop bag alternative.

Plastic bags are used for only an average of 12 minutes. It then takes 500+ years for one plastic bag to degrade in a landfill, imagine how much worse it is when a plastic bag is filled with pet waste! Even green pet waste bags are deceptively marketed as eco friendly poop bags, but instead break down into micro plastic particles that seep into the environment. Our unique pet waste scooper offers one of the most hygienic ways to pick up after your pup while on the go. Perfect for dog walks, Fetch My Waste slips unobtrusively into your pocket or purse. There’s no need to carry around a messy shovel, a clumsy-looking long-handled poop scoop, or a walker plastic pet poop bag. The scoop and carrier combination unfolds into a patented claw-like design. Essentially, the single-use scooper takes the “Yuck” out of handling a dog’s waste. Fetch My Waste is an innovative disposable pet waste scoop device that makes clean-up quick and easy.

Eight states in the US currently have a ban on single use plastic bags and more are starting to follow suit. Join the mission to eliminate plastic in the landfills and use Fetch My Waste’s 100% biodegradable pet waste scoop-and-carry container instead!

  • Dimensions: 6-inch length X 2-inch diameter
  • Strong and Durable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Zero plastic
  • Touchless, hygienic scoop
  • Compact storage
  • Easily fits in pocket or purse
  • Domestic Shipping: Shipped in U.S.
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Fetch My Waste is the future of dog poop scoops because of its innovative design. Patented in 2020, this scoop was uniquely invented as a compact, quick-unfold, and touchless pickup scoop for dog poop.

Fetch My Waste is a hygienic solution to dog waste pick-up. The no-touch design isolates a pet owner’s hand from a dog’s waste, eliminating that unpleasant, squishy feeling of using plastic bags.

After picking up the waste with one hand, the pet owner flips the box for a quick transition from scoop to a handy carrying case. The quick-sealing locking tabs are specifically designed to keep dog poop neatly inside. Sturdy, easy-grasp handles provide a convenient, no-fuss carry to the nearest trash can for disposal.

Earth matters. That’s why Fetch My Waste uses recycled materials for its scoop, carrier, and packaging. The 100% biodegradable product breaks down in months, keeping dog parks and landfills free of plastic bags. Pet owners can feel good about using this eco-friendly and safe-environment alternative to polyethylene plastic bags.